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Our goal is to help you improve your skills

We want to inspire you with exciting presentations and thrilling workshops. The more you practice the better you manage critical situations. And it’s fun!


Why us?

We go beyond traditional CPR training, understanding that not every emergency situation is the same. Our individualized training is tailored to your demands. We train your team at your facility and/or home.
We also discuss and practice all areas in which you want to train.

Let us know the specific topics or practices that you want us to cover. We can help you prepare your emergency bag and make sure your equipment is up-to-date and organized.

Then it’s time to train together!


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We know what we’re talking about. Our prehospital and intrahospital experience in dealing with critical situations and emergencies is what drives us forward.

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You can reach out to us any time – including weekends – whenever you want to schedule your training. Contact us and we’ll make it happen !
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Individual Workshops

Why practice something you will never use in your daily routine? We analyze your situation and adapt our training to your professional needs.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

– John C. Maxwell


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Optimal management of critical incidents demand a thorough understanding of physiology and all the underlying causes. We provide you with all what you need to know!
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A team is more than the sum of its members. We care about the common goal: helping and saving lives. Communication and management is crucial. We help your team work together!
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Proficiency requires practice! We help you develop your skills through testing and make you feel proud of your success.


1 - Basic


Basic Life Support

Target audience: everyone

  • Recognition of critical situations
  • PULS emergency scheme
  • CPR training
  • Usage of AED/defibrillator
  • Team training
  • Communication training

2 - Pro

Notfalltraining Pflege

Advanced Life Support

Target audience: Healthcare professionals

  • Contains everything from 01 – Basic!
  • Advanced airway management
  • Related pharmacology, drugs, infusions/drips
  • AED, manual defibrillation, pacing
  • Simulation scenarios, team training, crisis resource management

3 - Extra


Specific topics - Equipment analysis

Bookable with other modules

  • Specific training for specific topics, e.g. complex situations with detailed problems (treatment of acute coronary syndrom, anaphylaxia, rhythm disorders etc.)
  • Realistic simulation of topics of your choice
  • Professional demand analysis of your emergency equipment
  • Creation of algorithms, plans, posters or checklists for you own needs or your practice/office/clinic

We get ready for your topics !


Pediatric training


For parents, kindergarden, schools or similar:

  • Learn how to deal with the most common children’s emergencies.

  • For pediatricians:

  • Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Airway management and professional training
  • Up to date recommendations, presentation of the newest algorithms and optimal management for your daily routine.
    Get together with our pediatric experts in your own facility !

    a picture is worth a thousand words

    See for yourself and get an overview of our courses


    “The training was very well explained and well structured. Many colleagues lost their fear of medical emergencies and left with a good feeling how to handle the next critical situation. It was the best training we had so far!”

    “Karl, we’re going to bring you back!”

    “Realistic examples and simulations that can help us to (re)act in a better way the next time.”

    “Fantastic course – we need to repeat that!”

    “No comparison to others, much better and not like other “standard courses”.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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