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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC):

Please be aware that this is a Google Translation. For the exact and valid version please refer to the German version which is accountable by German regulations.

§ 1 User:
The following applies as the user of these GTC:
PULS-Chiemgau GbR
Owner: Dr. Sandro Valle, MD; Martin Hain
Sultenstr. 4A
83233 Bernau am Chiemsee (BY)

Tax number: 156 / 172 507 02


Email: info@puls-chiemgau.de

Phone: 08051 / 96 25 458

§ 2 Scope
These general terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions between the user and a consumer (according to § 13 BGB a “natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes that are predominantly neither can be attributed to their commercial or self-employed professional activity”).

§ 3 Conclusion of the contract and storage of the text of the contract
The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions apply to course bookings and orders that consumers make via the website www.puls-chiemgau.de or after contacting the website operator (see complete above). After contacting us, either a non-binding offer will be sent (by post or email), which the customer can accept or reject, or an automated course booking confirmation, provided that the customer has bindingly booked and paid for a service in the ticket portal – only in the latter case is the course participation considered valid secured. If the course offer is accepted (the written form by post, email or telephone applies), a legally effective contract is concluded between the customer and the user (see § 1). For this purpose, the customer receives an order confirmation from the user via email. The same applies to automated bookings via our booking system. The text of the contract is saved with orders. Consumers receive an e-mail with the order data and a reference to the applicable General Terms and Conditions. The contract comes about through the placing of an order by the client or the registration of the participant himself, without the need for an express declaration of acceptance by PULS-Chiemgau.
The contract establishes rights and obligations only between PULS-Chiemgau as the organizer and the contractual partner or Attendees. The registration can also be made for a third person. Participants are usually to be named at PULS-Chiemgau. The terms and conditions are part of this contract. This also applies to contract changes after the conclusion of the contract. Services are provided exclusively in accordance with these GTC, unless the parties agree in writing on an individual agreement or a separate contract / framework agreement.

§ 4 Payment and terms of payment
The user is exempt from sales tax according to §4 of the Value Added Tax Act. The costs included in the service are listed separately. Any additional costs such as travel costs are listed separately. The total price listed in the order confirmation applies as such. Any additional services, such as additional posters, handouts or printed matter on request as well as spontaneous additional participants on the day of the course can be invoiced by us afterwards.
The following payment options are available to consumers:

  • Paypal
  • Transfer
  • Credit card payment via payment service provider Stripe.

In the event of a binding acceptance of the offer by the customer for the individual emergency training, the total amount is usually due on account after the course has been completed. In individual cases we reserve the right to prepayment, this will be discussed with the customer in advance.

§ 5 Cancellation


A booked course can be canceled free of charge up to 14 days before the start of the course.
Between 14 days and 7 days before the booked course date, a cancellation fee of €100 will be charged.
For cancellations during the period 7 days to 1 day before the start of the course, 90% of the agreed costs will be charged.
Cancellations by the client or participants on the day of the course will be charged at 100%.
The cancellation must be in writing. The date of receipt of the cancellation at our company is decisive for meeting the deadline.
In the case of a booking via the booking portal, the service must be paid in advance before a final course commitment can be made. The above-mentioned cancellation modalities also apply here.


Special case AHA provider courses:

Please note that special costs are automatically incurred when booking the AHA courses (ACLS/PALS/BLS): If the course participant makes a binding booking before the course date, the training manual will be sent to them, among other things. A free cancellation by the customer after receipt of the book is no longer possible, even if the deadlines mentioned under §5.1 are observed, since the course book is already in the customer’s possession and can no longer be passed on after opening. The price of the course book will therefore be deducted from a possible refund in any case. The deadlines mentioned above under §5.1 apply unchanged for the reimbursement of the course fee. As ITS, we have to pass on further costs incurred in the form of license and registration fees on the part of the American Heart Association to the customer.

Special case online courses:

The booking of the online courses/webinars is only possible in advance in order to counteract possible abuse through “absence” or use without payment and to achieve reasonable course planning with a sufficiently large group size. The necessary access data will only be sent after receipt of payment and shortly before the appointment. A complete refund of the participation fee after the access data has been sent is only possible up to 1 day before the online appointment, not on the same day and not after the course has started or the participant has logged in. Individual arrangements with a catch-up date and validity of the course fee are possible as a gesture of goodwill.

§ 6 Termination without notice

PULS-Chiemgau can terminate the course participant without notice if there are important reasons. These are particularly the case in the following cases: Behavior contrary to the community in the course, despite prior warning and threat of termination by the course management, in particular disruption of the seminar through noise and noise pollution or through querulous behavior; Defamation of any kind towards the course management, participants or employees of PULS-Chiemgau; discrimination against individuals based on personal characteristics; Misuse of the course for partisan or ideological purposes as well as agitation of all kinds; Violations of the applicable house rules and, in particular, disregard of the applicable hygiene rules. The course participant has previously received a binding hygiene plan. If he does not comply with the measures despite repeated requests, PULS-Chiemgau will exercise his domiciliary rights and the participant will be asked to leave the course. A medical certificate for exemption from the applicable mask requirement will not be accepted. Course fees are due in full in the event of termination without notice and are to be borne by the client or individual participants. Course fees paid in advance will not be refunded.

§ 7 Insurance and taxes
We are covered by business liability insurance for the most important personal injury, property damage and financial losses that may arise as part of participating in our courses. Please note that we cannot be held liable for damage caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct by you, your employees or other course participants. When taking part in a course, you go to the event location at your own risk. We are not liable for accidents on the way to or from the training grounds or self-inflicted injuries that are not causally related to our equipment or were caused by PULS itself. PULS-Chiemgau is liable for the conscientious preparation of the courses, the selection and control of the course management and for the correctness of the service description in the program. Liability is limited to gross negligence and intent. PULS-Chiemgau assumes no responsibility for disadvantages that arise due to the lack of course prerequisites for the participants or the client.

We are exempt from sales tax from the Upper Bavarian government according to the VAT Act §4 letter a. We are not liable for any failures, security gaps or problems or damage caused by the payment service providers (see above).

§ 8 Provision of Services

The service – in this case the completion of a bindingly booked course – takes place – unless the description of a selected product explicitly states otherwise – on the course day agreed with the customer. In the case of the AHA courses, among other things, course material will be made available in advance, but this is not the responsibility of PULS-Chiemgau, but rather an external provider.

Any courses/workshops or other training can usually only take place if they have reached the minimum number of participants specified in the individual case. This applies, for example, to the ACLS course with regard to the reasonable number of participants specified by the AHA of at least 5 people, ideally 6 people, so that all the tasks and roles prescribed for the respective course format can be completed. If this minimum number of participants is not reached in the foreseeable future, PULS-Chiemgau can withdraw from the contract at any time. The contractual partner or participants do not incur any costs in the sense of the course fee. Any hotel/accommodation or travel expenses will not be reimbursed. In this case, there is no claim for damages on the part of the client and participant against PULS-Chiemgau. PULS-Chiemgau can also withdraw from the contract or terminate it if a course cannot be held for reasons for which PULS-Chiemgau is not responsible (e.g. non-compensable absence of a lecturer, natural disasters, weather conditions, failure or unreasonable damage to the event location). can take place. In these cases, payments made will be refunded. Further claims against PULS-Chiemgau are excluded.

§ 9 Retention of title
The user retains title to the goods until the purchase price has been received in full.

§ 10 Copyright
Accompanying work folders, documents, presentations, etc. for courses are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced photomechanically or electronically at any time and under any circumstances. They are only intended for the personal use of the course participants and may not be passed on to third parties. Documents and presentations made available on the website of PULS-Chiemgau or a contractual partner are also subject to copyright. Download is for informational and personal use only. Reproduction or disclosure to third parties is prohibited. Violations of copyright will be punished with a fine of 1000.00 €.

§ 11 ITS/ITC

PULS-Chiemgau is recognized as an ITS (International Training Center) by the AHA and is connected to the ITC (International Training Center) Skillqube in Wiesloch. PULS-Chiemgau cannot influence certain course and organizational modalities and depends on the AHA or the ITC: e.g. price structure/condition/availability of the AHA teaching material or other specifications. In the event of complaints or dissatisfaction, we are always the first point of contact, but we may have to refer to the higher-level centers depending on the situation.

Any questions? Please contact us immediately!


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